Greater Charleston .NET User Group

I meant to add this last week, but I’m a slacker…

GC.NUG First Meeting Notes

As many of you know, we had our first meeting tonight. I’d like to thank all of you who could make it. I had a great time and met some great people. I hope all of you did too. A big thank you to Blackbaud for giving us a place to meet each month.

Attendance was good! We had 34 names on the signin sheet, and I know a few more folks slipped in after we got started. I think it was around 37 total.

We started things off with an icebreaker game which I borrowed from Andrew Duthie and Geoff Snowman’s UG Leader meeting in DC. We had pizza from Dough Re Mi Pizzeria. Many thanks to Doug Turnure of Microsoft for providing the pizza and sodas.

There wasn’t much pizza left over, although we had a few too many sodas. My fault! We had one suggestion for Papa John’s next time. I think we can accomodate that.

I mentioned the Open Source .NET Mobile Game Programming contest we’re having. Hmm… I don’t like the term “contest”. It’s more like a programming exhibition with prizes. 🙂 Anyway, we had a few people interested, which is a good sign. I figure 6 months is long enough for people to get something playable together. The contest officially starts on 1/1/05 and goes until our July meeting. We’ll have the final rules and criteria ironed out by Jan 1.  I’M HOPING WE CAN GET SOME COOL PRIZES FROM MICROSOFT. {nudge nudge} Like an XBOX or device running Windows Mobile 2003 or something… *Holding Breath*

We had a couple of folks volunteer for the website committee. We need to meet and determine a course of action for getting the site up and running. If any of you work for companies willing to host our site for free, that would be marvelous. Please understand though it will need to run in a .NET environment, preferably with a little SQL Server space. We’re considering DotNetNuke.

We spoke briefly about what everyone would like to see in the coming months of the user group. That’s when I got the Papa John’s suggestion. 🙂  Bill Morgenweck suggested a Tips & Tricks session. I mentioned the prospect of a user group newsletter, which was followed by cricket noises. 🙂 I’ll mention it again next month.

I did a brief (and hopefully not too boring) presentation on the benefits and process of Microsoft Certification. There will be a .NET Study Group forming soon, and that is being led by Fran Chadwick. Please contact either of us for more information.

We gave away a bunch of stuff tonight. Microsoft Books, Tshirts, Hats, ASP.NET Pro Magazines, and various MSDN software. Our big winner of the night was Qiong Wu, who walked away with a fully licensed copy of Windows XP Professional with SP2 included.

Towards the end of the meeting, some folks left and others got up and mingled. I got a chance to talk to some really interesting people. After all, that’s why we’re here. 🙂  Ok well that’s why I’m here, I’m pretty sure a couple folks were here for the free pizza.  (Just kidding!)

All in all it was a good night. I’m going to take one day off from thinking about it and then start planning for the next one… 🙂

Thanks for a good night!

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