Google Panda Update

Last month, Google made a very large update to their algorithm, the update was mainly a change in the ranking of poor quality reference content web sites. The change hit on article directories and sites with large amounts of content (not news sites). This algorithm updatecalled by everyone – Google Panda, you can read here why this update got this name.


Google recently received a lot of complaints about the existence of  very poor quality content on web sites, web sites with poor quality content appeared at first results actually instead of quality content sites. These sites are known as “content farm” (from the lovely home of the name “links farm”). Most affected web sites are the one’s that offer everyone to post content in thier website, these web sites did actually want that people will write content for SEO reasons. Among the sites that appeared in the first places for  popular keywords are: “how to”  web sites such as, articles directories, news sites that take content from various sites (not unique content) and web sites that used not unique content.

The Results

After the change made Google’s algorithm, there was a drop of tens of percent of the amount of traffic these sites that came from Google (complete information on changes in post “Google Farmer Update: Quest for Quality“). Many SEO guys argue that compare to other google algorithm changes,this time google punished “content farm” web sites manually. Large content web sites were affected by the algorithm change, that why many SEO guys claims that big web sites punished manually by google search team.

Although the change in the algorithm (Google Panda), these web sites are still very “must to” websites for the link building job. It still a good idea to publish articles and content on these web sites but you should create only unique content and quality content. The first site that already made a change at the day after the algorithm change is articles site – he made two important changes in requirements: 1. Minimum contents of the article must be over 400 words (before that it was 250 words) 2. More control over each articles that people send (in the past a lot of the articles was published without a complete review of the content.)

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