New Method of Search Engine Placement

I receive many emails from SEO companies and internet marketing companies all over the world (most of them from India). Recently came to me an advertising email, that I just have to share its contents with you. The title of the e-mail is like any other email “AdWord Banners – Pay Per Click Alternative.” Here is the content of the Email:

If you are using Pay Per Click advertising and want to reduce your charges, please review how we can position your website to the top of Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, at a fraction of the cost, with no bidding or cost per click charges!

Our unique placement technology will put YOUR website on the top of YAHOO, GOOGLE and BING, Along with many other search engines including

This technology gives you the ultimate advantage over your competitors, and NO PAY PER CLICK.


Definitely a proposal that a business owner will be checking, but is it really possible to take a project and put it top of the world’s leading search engine (yes really at the top, you’ll understand later)? This funny company offers to customers who want to advertise online to take the customer’s site to the top of the search engine sites (not search). Appear at the top of the search results is “old thing” – today your site may appear even before the results! Want to check how it look like? Check through the company’s test tool. As you can see, they put your website in IFRAME that will open before the Google logo or Bing logo or any other large site.

How do they do that?

Quite simply, using toolbar installed in computers all over the world. Before any site that people  will open they will add Iframe. You can see how the company takes control of computers all over the world through their upgrade browser page (you can enter the link, this is not a virus or download automatically page). Everyone thinks they updating there browser, but they just install automatically the toolbar. From now on they will see sites (in Iframe) that appear before even the website they wanted to enter. If there is anyone still interested in the unique service offered by the company Adword Banners, you invited to enter the site and request a quote hahaha.

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