Google Juice

I find it interesting that a post I made on Tuesday of this week (9/13/05) managed to hit the #1 spot on Google by Thursday (9/15/05) morning.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard (or used) the term Google Juice before, and I know Jeff is pretty proud of the amount of “juice” GWB has.

So I’m wondering how all of this really works. When you think about it, TWO days (more like 1.5) is pretty damn fast to show up in Google. How much of it is Google’s attraction to GWB and how much of it is just Google getting faster and faster ad infinitum.

In case you’re wondering what I’m babbling about, a few days ago I made a post (here) about the vile one, Gil Gerard, who is probably not a child molester or pedophile. Less than 48 hours later, Tony leaves a comment in my blog saying that searching for Gil Gerard Pedophile on Google returns Blogus Maximus (this blog) in the #1 top spot.

Now of course, I realize that there probably aren’t any other sites (on the entire internet??) that have the words Gil Gerard and Pedophile in the same sentence. (oops… did it again), so while I’m not surprised that I have the #1 spot, I am surprised my site showed up so quickly.

The Google Juice link above takes you to the wikipedia definition, which while probably accurate, doesn’t actually tell me anything. (Kinda like Microsoft Helpfiles come to think of it… hmmm) So I’m still in the dark about how it all works. I know that Google’s page ranking system is a heavily guarded state secret, and I’m not really interested in that as much as the apparent affinity (hey I like that term… apparent affinity) that Google has with certain sites, such as GWB.

At any rate, I think my work here is done… I’ll try not to mention Gil Gerard or child molesters or pedophiles in my blog anymore… (oops… dammit… ok that was the last time)

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