SEO Companies Theories

In this post I will present several theories of various SEO companies. Nonsense of SEO companies, how to identify good SEO companies more or less?

1. They tell you that they promise to place your website at first place.

Double-check the keywords they offer to you, not once I heard of SEO companies that offer only long tail phrases. You do not want to be number one in query that no one was search for.

2. They tell you they can do it for 50$ per month.

A. Well that’s easy. You want to get results, and you know it takes time. How many hours do you expect them to work on your site for this price? Of course they will not work full one day a week, because then they lose money.

B. Often, all you get for this price is submission to 100 web directories sites that you do not mind them because nobody uses them. What that you really need is to get your website to top of search engines and not just crap web directories.

3. They tell you if you will build your website with us, you will get free SEO.

All it means is that they will not do the search engine optimization, but at least they sold you the site building. Website building companies and SEO companies must be separate companies, such as that there are  surgeons for each area of the body (eyes, back, etc.), the same thing on the Internet – each one is expert in his field. You can always do other services, but is it effective? Even your hosting company can build you the site, but do you let them do this?

4. Do they offer full SEO services or they just SEO consultants?

Get a clear definition, or that the company will take your project and do all the work, or advise you how to do it. It is important to clarify all these issues when you get the price quote, there are many SEO guys that are only consultants.

5. Ask them examples of there clients projects.

Ask for examples of different SEO projects. Try to ask for projects close to your project niche in order to understand the quality of the company.

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