Gil Gerard must be destroyed.

I made my yearly pilgrimage to Atlanta for Dragon*Con and will have pictures online soon. It was awesome as usual, with one sad exception.

The disgusting pig I love to hate… Gil Gerard, did not grace us with his corpulent presence this year. Every year I make a point of swinging by his “fan table” and insulting him. Trust me, he’s a jerk and he deserves it. I always took great pride in being the ONLY person anywhere near his table, sometimes even declaring myself “FIRST” on day 3 of the convention. I realize I probably wasn’t actually first… but it’s meant to be insulting, so bear with me.

Why do I hate Gil Gerard aka Buck Rogers, childhood hero? He’s a complete jackass. That’s the short reason. I’ll be happy to bore anyone who wants to listen to the long version, but I probably won’t post it here unless a lot of people ask.

As for the rest of the con… like I said, it was awesome. I took many many pictures. I played in some excellent RPGA events and a couple of Stargate events. Met some really cool people and partied my ass off. Also didn’t get near enough sleep. Almost like Tech*Ed all over again.

I have to admit I was at a loss for someone to insult with Gil Gerard absent, but fortunately Lorenzo Lamas was there… so I’m good for at least another year. 🙂

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