Atlanta Code Camp

Well the buzz from Atlanta Code Camp is starting to wear off a bit and let me just say I had a great time.

My presentation (GDI+) went very well, with lots of questions (although overall I think the Charlotte one went a tiny bit smoother on my end). I also caught some great presentations on free .NET tools and the Enterprise Library. My two absolute favorites of the day were on Speech Server and Programming Windows Media Center (with a healthy dose of home automation). Oh how I wish those two guys could have been in the same room at the same time. What an awesome talk THAT would have been… voice powered home automation coupled with media center… *drool*

We had an excellent turnout (200+ people) and EVERYONE left with a copy of the VS2005 Team System beta(2). Lots of people scored some additional great swag such as MS Press books, APress & Addison Wesley books and more.

I’d also like to give my buddy Jason a yell for giving me a place to crash Friday night. The drive to and from Atlanta (350+ miles each way) was long and brutal but it was well worth it!

Last of all, a big thanks to WallyM for giving me an opportunity to do my first podcast.

It’s time to take a break and catch up on some of my other projects for a couple months. Tech*Ed (Orlando) is coming up next month, the GC.NUG Open Source Mobile Game Programming Expo ends in July and my next CodeCamp (Jacksonville) is in August. Some time in all of that I have to crank out a website for my brother’s racing team, finish my Mobile Game, work on HA!, spend a few minutes with my family here and there and of course keep doing my day job. Did I mention I’m now addicted to World of Warcraft? (Thanks a lot Theo!) *sigh*

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