evening ketchup

Installed SourceSafe 2005 (just the client tools for now)… nice and easy. picked up my existing 6.0d server no problem, and all my SourceControl bindings in HA! are working peachy again. I guess I’ll wait a while longer on implementing Vault. Now I just need a decent bug tracker. My wife is getting tired of me writing on the wall (ok technically it’s a big whiteboard that I never erase)

I’m DL’ing the Speech SDK as I type this, along with Win XP Media Center Edition 2005 (CD1 & 2)

I see the XNA page has been updated with some very cool looking stuff: XNA

Microsoft’s “Wonder Twins” program ends at the end of this month. What’s that? check it out! (yes there are limitations, but it’s still cool!)

I’ve ordered a retail kit for checking out Speech Server (2-3 weeks… *sigh*) I wonder if any of my friends can hook me up with a CD to play with… guys? anyone? Bueller?

transmitted my application to the academy… oh wait, nevermind… wrong fantasy. (48 hours & 6 minutes until I’m sitting on the edge of my seat watching the movie I’ve been awaiting for the last 28 years)

priced some various X10 starter kits, actually not that pricey although the one kit I was interested in has a serial port thingy instead of USB, which I would prefer. Although it’s not like I actually use my serial ports for anything.

Would the guy who took a bazillion pics of me giving my talk at Atlanta Code Camp please drop me a line? I figure at least a couple of them had to turn out alright. 🙂

Bill has acknowledged my gauntlet, as it were. heh. I’m curious about adding a little twist to it. I’d love to use the (ebay and/or amazon) SDK in conjunction with media center (little popup messages while I’m watching a movie). Throw in a little home automation (via X10) to turn a certain lamp on whenever I’m within 5 minutes of losing an auction and letting me up my bid via voice command (speech server)!! Wow if I could work from home (actually I can) I’d never leave the couch again… (not true actually… my wife would make me)

I’m trying to get Max Karpov to come visit our group, or my job, either one. He’s up for it, I just have to work out the logistics. I think our core (oops, almost said the “I word”) team would benefit from meeting him.

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