My worst job ever…

I had a string of truly horrible jobs in my youth. Fortunately my professional career hasn’t been all that bad, with one shining exception… a certain company in Harahan, LA.

I had been out of the Navy for about 3 months, and I only worked there for about a month and a half, and it was probably a month longer than I should have. These 2 chuckle-heads quit the (much larger) company they worked for, stole a bunch of their clients and started their own business. Pretty much 90% of their work came from 1 contract. So of course they decide to open a second location across Lake Pontchartrain. These guys were so desperate, they would take ANYTHING, no matter how small or how far away.

Basically, you had one guy with a lot of Technical skills and no people skills. He was in Harahan. The other guy was friendly and good with people, but I never saw him fix anything. He was in Covington. Somehow I got stuck driving back and forth across the lake (35 miles each way) 4 times a week. So anyway, there were only 4 of us total. You had the two bosses plus myself and the uber hot Elizabeth Agnelly. Hanging out with her was the ONLY cool thing about that job.

One day, one of the bosses comes to me and tells me they’ve taken a contract in Shrevesport (which by the way… is roughly 4 hours away). He proceeds to explain how I’ll need to drive up there, take the network down, do all my work, bring it back up and then drive back. Ok no big deal I think… then he tells me I can’t take down the network until midnight, because the store is open until then. Well, that’s not great… but I’m young and flexible. Ok sure… Then he tells me I’ll have to do the job “quickly” since it’s a 4 hour drive back to New Orleans and he has jobs lined up for me the next morning.

Elizabeth had quit about 2 weeks before that… and since the job sucked anyway, I handed him his keys and walked out. They were absolutely astonished. I think there was even a dispute over how much they agreed to pay the headhunter who found me… even though they had already signed a contract. I wonder if they are still in business.

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