SEO Colors Hats

Everyone heard about the colors hats and SEO, every SEO’s categorized to 4 kinds of hats: White hat SEO, Black hat SEO, Gray hat SEO and Pink hat SEO. Here are more info about each one:

White hat SEO

Referrs to ethical practice of SEO methodologies that adhere to search engine TOS. The pure SEO that getting angry when he compete with Black hat SEO.
You won’t see these SEOs in projects like: porn and gambling.


Black hat SEO

This is Unethical SEO. Search Engine Optimization techniques and methods are employes which fall outside of the guidlines issued by the Major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Implementation of this tyoe of Search Engine Optimization may provide short term gains for your site(s). If you are discovered as using these techniques you can be placed under a penalty by the Search Engine.


Gray hat SEO

The following tactics fall in the grey area between legitimate tactics and search engine spam (white hat and black hat). They include tactics such as cloaking, paid links, duplicate content and a number of others. Unless you are on the correct side of this equation these tactics are not recommended.


Pink hat SEO

It’s the girls power in the SEO field. Most of the pink hat SEO use blog (most of the time WP), and the design made the name – The design is all pink, girls style. They use the girl technique to building links (In there own way), They have alot of traffic blogs (again in there own way), They nice and help to other SEOs and make the SEO work in “pinky” way.

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