How to Crochet a Baby Blanket: A Quick, Easy, Free Crochet Pattern

To make a soft baby blanket, purchase three skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn or another soft bulky weight yarn of your choice.


Get Started for Crocheting

The materials needed for this project are three skeins of Homespun yarn and a large crochet hook, such as a size K. The size of hook should be at least a J, and the result will vary slightly with the size hook used. The color yarn used for this project was white, but any color can be used.


Crochet Instructions for Baby Blanket

Begin by chaining 75. Then, single crochet in the second chain from the hook. Single crochet in each chain to the end of the foundation row. Turn your work. Chain one. Then single crochet in each single crochet. Repeat the turn, chain one, and single crochet in each until all three skeins of yarn are gone, joining new skeins as needed.

The finished work will be the size for a newborn to 6-month-old baby. To finish the project, sew in the loose ends from the beginning chain and where the new skeins of yarn were joined. Then, the project is completed.


Variations on Baby Blanket

For fun variations on this baby blanket pattern, try purchasing extra skeins in contrast colors and creating a striped pattern by adding a new color every 10-15 rows or striping in a random pattern, alternating the colors at various intervals. Some suggested colors are various shades of blue for a boy and lavender for a girl. Consider using yellows, greens, or oranges for a gender-neutral blanket. Or, create the blanket to match the baby’s nursery décor.

For a blanket of a larger size, chain 90 instead of 75 for the foundation row. Purchase four or five skeins of yarn rather than three, and continue in the same manner as stated above. This will create a toddler-sized blanket rather than one designed for newborn babies.


For Crochet Assistance

For learning how to crochet, or if help is needed along he way, the Lion Brand website is useful, with detailed instructions on how to crochet. Visit the Lion Brand website for further details and suggestions if problems arise when crocheting this project.

This project will create a soft, beautiful baby blanket. It is perfect for a first crochet project, or it is great for people more experienced with crochet that want to make a quick and simple project. This blanket can make a great gift, as well.

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