Hospital Packing Checklist for Having a Baby: List of What to Pack for a Hospital Stay & Newborn Baby Necessities

Throughout a mother’s first pregnancy, she must acquire baby care items and furniture that newborns need. The last thing on their minds may be what to pack for the hospital; however, a fully stocked and ready hospital bag is a necessary part of a smooth birth day. In this article, learn several important maternity hospital bag checklist items.

What to Put in a Hospital Bag – List of Essential Things to Pack

When having a baby, most mothers stay in the hospital at least one night or more. The hospital bag should contain items needed for a stay of one to three days on average. Below are seven things to pack for this hospital stay:
1. Breast pads – As breast milk comes in, it will begin to leak. Breast pads can be placed inside the mother’s bra to prevent leaking breast milk from showing through her clothes.
2. Changes of clothes – Pack at least two changes of clothes in maternity sizes. After birth, mothers are still bloated and can expect to be about as large as they were at six months pregnant or so.
3. Nursing bra – This makes nursing simpler. Even if the mother doesn’t plan on breastfeeding, these bras are very comfortable during the post-partum period.
4. Photo government identification – Hospital staff will ask to see the mother’s driver’s license or other identification upon check-in.
5. Pillow with colored pillow case – An extra pillow can make the hospital bed more comfortable and provide support during breastfeeding. Make sure the pillow case is colored lest the hospital staff mistake this pillow for one of their own and remove it from the room.
6. Shampoo and other shower toiletries – Plan on taking a shower sometime after birth. Pack personal care items like a hair brush, soap, face wash, lotion, lip balm, and even makeup if so desired. Consider packing a pair of shower flip flops as well.
7. Toothbrush and toothpaste – This one is fairly self-explanatory. New mothers will want to be prepared for the likely rush of visitors after birth.

Hospital Bag Necessities – Important Hospital Packing Checklist Items

Another important thing to remember to take to the hospital is pediatrician contact information. Pediatricians often like to visit newborns within a day after birth, so it’s essential to have the doctor’s information on hand. If an expectant parent puts this information in a packed hospital bag, it will surely not be forgotten.
Parents should know the pediatrician’s name (or practice name if multiple doctors practice at the same location) as well as the office phone number and address. Hospital personnel may even contact the pediatrician on the patient’s behalf, but they will first need to know the pediatrician’s contact information This information is often requested on birth center admission forms.

What to Pack for the Hospital – Newborn Baby Diaper Bag Necessities

It’s easy for new parents who aren’t used to having a baby with them at all times to forget that the baby will need a hospital bag as well. Immediately after birth, the hospital staff will be washing the baby and may even provide some clothing and formula if necessary, but parents are responsible for the infant’s material needs beyond that point.

In the article Baby Hospital Bag Checklist learn what to take to the hospital for a newborn. The article discusses essential things needed for a newborn baby, including clothing, baby diaper bag necessities, and what’s necessary for taking a newborn home in a car.

Beyond What’s Needed for a Hospital Stay – Things to Buy for Babies

As new parents prepare for the arrival of a newborn baby, they might not know exactly what’s truly necessary for newborn care and what is considered a mere convenience. The articles Newborn Necessities and Newborn Care Conveniences discuss the distinction between the two at length. In these articles, parents will find important baby checklists for stocking a nursery.

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