One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while is set up a site that focuses on development. I’ve got several domains and websites floating around out there already, some of which I’ve been neglecting (shocker, I know!).

One of the sites I started about 5 years ago (MysticTriad), has not been touched (by me or anyone else) in ages and is mostly just a conduit for people to spam me with Zo loft and Vi agra ads. I’m pulling the plug on it by the end of this month. Any blogging I do about HA! has been here (GWB) for the last year anyway, but there is a good deal of old info about “the early days” of HA! still on that site. It’s all in a database, so I can keep it, but I don’t know when or if I’ll ever put it back online. We’ll see. is dead… (it has been for a while, but I’m just getting around to burying it.)

With death, comes rebirth (or something like that). I’ve recently secured a new domain name that I really like and since I’ve been wanting to set up a community around where I can post my articles and projects and whatnot, I’ll be launching this new site in the coming month (or so). I’m a big fan of Mahesh Chand’s C# Corner site, and I’d like my site to be something like that. Articles, Forums, Code. Not necessarily a blog.

(Let me repeat that…) It’s not intended to be a new blog, and certainly not a replacement for this one. I’ll still be blogging here on GWB (just try and stop me), which you can read in the main feed at, or via this page directly (available by browsing to or

So in a month or two, when everything is ready I’ll be unveiling my new site:

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