How to Organize Baby Photos: Tips for Keeping Digital and Print Baby Pictures Organized

If you’ve recently had a baby, you probably know about the hundreds of photos that you will take over the next few months. Taking the photos is easy — the difficulty comes when you have the prints (or digital files) and need to figure out how to organize and display them all.

Following are some ideas for how to organize all of those baby photos.

Keep Up with Them

From the start, try to keep up with the photos — taking photos, editing them, filing the electronic files and making prints of them. When you’re taking multiple photos every day, they can really add up — and be really difficult to keep up with once you start to let them slide. From the beginning, stay organized as much as time allows.


Sort and Date Photos

As soon as you receive prints of your photos, sort them in chronological order, write the dates on the backs of them and organize them into photo books or boxes. Then place the groupings into separate envelopes, plastic bags or other storage containers so that you can more easily put them into albums. For digital images, sort them into file folders related to the date or the name of the event, then make a backup copy. A photo storage box from the craft store can be a nice way to store the collection.


Use an Online Resource

If you are dealing with digital photos, use an online source to keep them organized. There are various photo sharing sites that you can use to sort photos into groups or folders, and even share them with family and friends. What’s more, both you and others can order prints of the photos for your own use. Sign up for one of these services to keep your growing photo collection more manageable.

Some online resources even allow you to arrange the photos and order a photo album.


Enlist Help

A mountain-sized pile of photographs can be overwhelming; ask your spouse, friends or family to help you with the task of organizing them. Or, if your children are old enough, ask them to help out. It can be a fun activity to share, and will make the task of organizing the photos much more manageable and fun.


Start Small

If you are facing cluttered piles and boxes of random photos that need to be organized, start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you need to sort them all at once. Spend an hour or two each day going through them, and in time you will have accomplished your goal.

Whether you have months, years or decades of photos that need to be organized, these tips can help to get you on the right track and get those photos organized.

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