Choose Articles Directories To Publish Articles

Today after my regular decrease at the local railway station, I encountered with an old man holding a box of matches trying to catch bees near a small field of flowers. The older man had a lot of patience and really managed to catch bees with a box of matches, I asked him what he was doing and he replied “That’s my job, I collect bees and sell them later to clinics”.  Patience and much thought before action, reminded me of the process I make before choosing a articles directory to publish articles, for all the articles I publish. Today, every SEO guy working with SEO link building method known through publication of articles, in this post I will present considerations, which I think are very important before choosing the most appropriate articles directory for publishing articles.

Like the story at the beginning of the  post, choosing the most appropriate articles directory to publish articles  is process with a lot of thought behind it. You can just publish articles in any directory that offers to send articles for free, but it will not help you with the link building of your website.

Here are my considerations for choosing a perfect article directories to publish articles:

Ranking in SERP

Of course it’s the most important consideration for me, to see how strong the articles directory in Google’s organic results. I like to check before publishing an article how the site ranking in the specific niche where I’m going to publish an article, for example when I want to publish an article about Pilates I do a Google search for “Pilates articles” / “Pilates article.” As you can see the first articles directory that comes of these searches is ArticleBase Pilates category and that why I should post the article in there.


No-fllow or Do-follow links

Before publishing articles it’s important to check, if the link we receive from the articles directory is a direct link that will help us in terms of promoting our site (do-follow link). Not all article directories allow to get do-follow link, there are many article direcotries locate the tag No-follow in the links.


Page views for articles

Enter the articles directory to find articles and press the last article published at your category, check how many page views were for the article. Publishin articles is not helping us only with link building, it is important that the articles we publish will help us also to bring direct traffic to the site, so it’s important to choose articles directory with the high amount of pageviews on her articles (among other articles directories we consider to publish in them).


Articles for real human or for serach engine robots

Recently I came across a lot of articles directories, that the links in the articles content are with same color and design as regular text. So the links are basicly for search engine robots and not for real human visitors so we do not receive direct traffic from this sites!


Publish articles in theme articles directories

Recently I see a lot of new theme only articles directories, like for example articles directory that is in the field of sports. Not all themes have there own articles directory for publishing articles, so if you do not have exist articles directory yet, you should choose post your articles in general articles directory. Publish an article on specific theme helps us a lot more than general articles directory, because we get a website theme link from the article and not just a link from one page theme (page with our article).

After all the considerations I mentioned, you can now choose the list of articles directories to publishing articles that most appropriate for your campaign. Do not forget that the process of publishing articles, is like any link building process – with many considerations and many thought before every move.

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