7 days left until Microsoft Meltdown!!

This is gonna rock!! I can’t wait. I definitely want to catch the Keynote (Blizzard!!) and I’m also really looking forward to catching the tracks on:

Best Practices for Windows Development
Speaker: Chuck Walbourn

Developing games for the Windows platform means more than just using a few DirectX APIs. This talk covers a broad range of topics that game developers should take into account during design and implementation to ensure their titles work well on current and future versions of Windows.

Optimization Best Practices with VC2005
Speaker: Kang Su Gatlin

Performance is a feature that we just cannot live without. The compiler does its magic to generate optimized code, but what can you, as the developer, do to help the compiler generate the best code? In this talk we cover what the compiler does and does not do, as well as what you the programmer can do to get the most out of the compiler.

Next-Generation Graphics on Longhorn Revealed (Part 1 & 2)
Speakers: Sam Glassenberg & Craig Peeper

Longhorn is coming! This 2-hour session will reveal the exciting new improvements to the graphics stack in the next version of Windows and what it means for game developers. Learn how to leverage the power of the new Longhorn Display Driver Model and improved DirectX9 Experience on Longhorn. The majority of this session will be focused on DirectX-next: What are the capabilities of the revolutionary new hardware pipeline? What will the developer experience be on the new API and D3D runtime? What unprecedented visual experience will next-gen Windows titles be capable of as a result?

Doing “The Deal”
Developers, publishers and lawyers have dramatically different ways they approach doing deals and widely varying perspectives on what they should be getting out of a given “deal”. Industry vets from each of these parts of the industry will share their collective wisdom on doing “The Deal”
• Thomas Buscaglia – Attorney, T.H. Buscaglia and Associates (bio)
• Lee Jacobson – Sr VP Business Development – Midway Home Entertainment
• Mark Rein – Sr VP “of Everything” – Epic Games
• Jon Grande – VP Business and Legal Affairs – Sigil Games Online

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