Web Design and Website Promotion

The web design itself don’t have closely connection SEO, but today even small details of site design can affect website promotion. In the past web designers used the tables format to stylize web pages. Today, the standard is to use HTML / CSS. There is a big difference in the way website is designed when you use CSS. Using CSS page design brings three major benefits associated with search engine optimization.

  • Div tags instead of tables
  • Less code lines
  • Cleaner code

Why div is better than tables?

Div tags can be associated with a class or include string identifier, id. Classes are used when more than one div uses the same design. id is for a single div. The simple div or class associated with id and the design of the class or of the id is applied to the div. This facilitates the creation of more valid code.

How CSS reduces the amount of code lines?

All the information of design and style for id’s and classes in your CSS is written in a separate webpage. Each page on the site is linked to the CSS file, so that one CSS page is used to design all the pages on the site. This means that there is no need of design code lines on the html/php/asp page itself. One problem that designers had in the past is to write the same code again and again for the elements on the page. With CSS, the page design code written one time and can be associated with different elements on the same page. This shortens the amount of code drastically in the web page and makes it easier to design sites.

Cleaner code for search engines

Since all elements of the design of the web page is in the CSS file, there is less code lines in the HTML/PHP/ASP page. This helps search engines to process the pages more quickly and more effectively. Search engine needs to filter out less information, and the crawler will encounter more content and less code of your site with less relevant as the design code. When you using CSS, the div elements can be arranged so the most important content is found at the beginning of the page and search engines will notice it first. This approach creates a cleaner web page for the crawler.

What is a significant advantage?

In competitive themes, every little thing you can do to rise above the competition helps. What makes one website better than other one in the SERP from  is good SEO methods technique, on and off the page. Most important thing is to make sure that the web pages have quality design that support the SEO, if you want to compete with major sites in your theme.

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