Family Fun Activities for Christmas

Christmas is special occasion for Christian family. Parents, do spare some time during Christmas to make fun activities for the family so they become everlasting memories. What are fun ideas to make Christmas memorable and fun? I say, Plenty. You can think something traditional or create new things out of the box.

Remember your childhood  during Christmas.  What did your parents do for you and your siblings? Revive the tradition back in your home with your children.

Here are fun activities ideas for the whole family:

Specialty Food & Drink for Christmas

In olden days,  moms did have time to cook and bake cookies.  Nowadays, working moms may resort buying specialty food for Christmas such as stuffed Turkey,  gingerbread and gingerbread house.  Alternatively, you can buy plain cookies and let kids decorate them. Hot chocolate can be specialty drink to warm up your Christmas. Don’t forget to add mini marshmallows or whipped cream into the hot chocolate to make the drink special for your kids.


Be sure to include music into your family’s traditions. How about some family fun singing Christmas carols or making your own family music CD? Record your family singing Christmas carols and use that CD as your music CD for the holidays.

Decorating Christmas Tree and The House

Many families like to welcome Christmas by decorating their house and having Christmas tree at their home. This is a also fun family activity.   We can shop to choose the ornaments and things for decoration. We can decorate living room and the main door together. Kids  have their own authority to decorate their own room.   The pinnacle will be decorating Christmas tree with colorful ornaments. Kids can include their own crafts and hang them together with other Christmas Ornaments.  Be sure to take pictures of decorated living room, kids’ room and the Christmas tree!

Christmas Card & Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts will bring joy to every member of family.  Be sure to write special messages on Christmas card and giving it to each family member.  This simple deed can bring cheers, happiness or even tears of joy.

Visiting Relatives and Friends

Other fun family activities can include annual visits to relatives and friends. Visiting them gives a chance for kids to see Christmas spirit in people’s home.

Do you have family fun activities during Christmas. Share them with us by leaving comments!