My InstallShield Wishlist

1. Please allow me to associate a component to more than one feature and provide different Destination Paths for each.
Currently I have to create a new component with a different name for each feature I need to add it to (if I want different destination paths). This is horribly inefficient.

2. Please allow me to programmatically disable (NOT HIDE) a feature via InstallScript.
Currently InstallScript can only hide features, not simply disable them, but I want my users to see what they are missing.

3. Please provide me a default value for the nvSize parameter when getting property values.
Currently I have to write twice as much code every time I call MsiGetProperty. I’m sure there are other spots where default values would be appreciated.

4. Please allow me to call .NET DLLs from InstallScript and retrieve a value from whatever function method I call.
Currently I can only call C and COM+ DLLs. If I absolutely have to call my .NET DLL during the install, I have to either a) register it as COM+ (which I never got working quite right) or b) write a program that uses the DLL and writes the value out to a file, which I then read in via InstallScript.

5. Please Please Please pay more attention to the Community Support board on your website.
I know it’s just a (free) community board, but you would make a lot of people very happy if you would just tell people when they are trying something that is impossible. I see people posting the same questions over and over, not because they didn’t bother searching first, but because none of the previous people ever got an answer either. If I’m attempting the impossible, save me some frustration and time and just tell me.

6. Please provide better support for working with XML files, such as Web.Config.
Currently it’s pretty easy to read values in from an XML file, but it’s a bit of a pain to change any settings in one, specifically via InstallScript. Adding new keys is even harder.

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