ebooks vs hardcopies

One of my biggest complaints about actually buying ebooks (aside from the fact that I could probably find them on a newsgroup if I looked hard enough) is that many companies try to charge the same amount for the ebook as for the hardcopy. They act as if they are doing you a favor by letting you download the ebook as a convenience, instead of having to wait for the hard copy to show up.

Give me a break! If I buy an ebook, it should be significantly less than the cost of the hardcopy edition. Further, if I order the book online, why not let me download the ebook also at no additional charge?

I received an email today from Profantasy (they make incredible cartography software) offering a new book for sale. These guys totally have the right idea. They simultaneously released an electronic and hardcopy of the book, with different prices. In fact, they offer a PDF download, a mail order CD (same price), a softcover edition (roughly 2x the cost of the PDF) and a deluxe hardcover edition ($10 more than the softcover I believe). The CD contains the PDF (naturally) and I think the hardcopy comes with a CD too (containing the PDF)!

Now THAT’s the way to do it! You other companies should take note… Don’t gouge me on the price of a stupid PDF file… if I like the PDF, I will always buy the printed edition, no contest… unless you’ve already charged me full retail of course.

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