What’s new in the world of Roguelike Development?

Ok, I’ve been slacking on the HA! development lately. Certain people have been busting my chops lately about not updating the game, ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that I said I was going to quarterly releases. That means the latest HA! release would have been at the end of August. Heh…

In my defense, I can honestly say that unlike some people, I have NOT been sitting on my ass playing World of Warcraft. (Ok that, wasn’t fair. Apparently he’s actually been working on a new OS… which is definitely a major undertaking, but I enjoy busting on him.)

I’ve been hella busy, mostly working on my book and also with my day job at the world’s coolest software company. Most of you that read this know who that is by now, but I’m not supposed to say the name of the company in my blog. You can, of course, feel free to email me if you’re interested in hearing more about jobs there. Did I mention that it’s a really cool place to work? It’s probably the best career decision I ever made, as opposed to one of the worst.

I actually did look at the HA! source code a couple days ago. Didn’t actually WRITE any, mind you, but I did look at it. I recently cleaned off the beta 2 install of VS2005 and replaced it with the RC (9/05 CTP?). I did a test build and everything seems to be working fine (as expected).

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