Promote your WAHM Business through Blogging

Most of today’s business goes online unless they sell perishable goods and heavy weight items. For home based working moms who run WAHM Business, website is a platform to bring your WAHM business online. I would rather see a website as a static site because you don’t update it often. How to promote your website on regular basis? The answer lies on blogging. Blog is a dynamic site provided that you update regularly. Blogging is free and effective means to promote your wahm business online. Search engine will rank high for a website which has a blog. For home based working moms, please write for your own blog beside source articles from the internet. If you update your blog with fresh and original content regularly with targeted keywords, your blog will crawl to higher rank in the search engine. Don’t forget to link to your website in your blog post so that your website will have lots of backlinks from your blog.

What shall we write in our blog to promote our WAHM business online? Here are some ideas:

  • Products Review or showcase your work or expertise. You may write in details comparison among your products or between your product and competitor product, highlight popular products, the benefits or the materials/ingredients/components.
  • Announcement or promotion.
  • Customers may get involved through stories sharing, feedback or comments.
  • Tips and advices related to your products or service. For examples: I explore ideas for play with puzzles through Kidzpuzzle Blog. If you’re selling training pants for toddlers, it would be relevant if you talk about how to potty train toddlers.
  • Development of your Industry. You may talk about the latest trend or development of your products in the past, present and future.

Home Based working moms shall promote their website and blog through marketing techniques called Internet Marketing. Join Mompreneur Internet Marketing Hub to find out how you can market your WAHM business online effectively through Internet Marketing techniques.