Things To Love About Autumn

Autumn and Winter are absolutely without a doubt my favourite seasons. It’s getting is coming.. and lots of snuggling under cosy blankets!
This totally calls for a things to love about Autumn type of post!
1. The Gorgeous Colours Of The Trees.
Look out of the window and just appreciate the beautiful colours, I love that the leaves fall down which makes for a walk crunching leaves, which when you’re a mum is obligatory.
2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!
I have not even had one yet and I’m pretty sure they’ve been back for like a month?!
3. Halloween!
Yes, I know it’s been and gone. Darcy had her first trick or treating sesh and she LOVED it.
4. Kicking Leaves.
We’ve sort of had this one on number 1. Darcy can’t do this but she loves it when I do it, she has a little giggle.
5. Fashion.
I love the clothes in the shops at this time of year and I find shopping for jumpers and warmer clothes more satisfying that summer ones that I may not be able to wear due to British weather being so unpredictable.
6. Hot Chocolates.
It’s acceptable to have one with alllllllll the trimmings!
7. Candles.
It’s a lot nicer to burn candles in the colder weather,
8. More Roast Dinners!
More of these please! I do love a good roast dinner in the winter.
9. Being able to wear cosy socks more.
Note to self.. go to Primark and buy more. I love love love cosy fluffy socks. The fluffier the better I say!
10. It’s Monopoly season!
We love a good game of Monopoly although sometimes it does end in tears! Well with Paul it does as he always loses!
What do you love about Autumn?
Thanks for reading

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