How To Teach Your Child The Alphabet

Young children are active and their attention is short. They learn the best way through play and fun activities. I remember that my kids learnt the alphabet through playing with Educational Puzzles. Here is the article from Nicole Dean on ways to introduce alphabet to children. 7 Ways To Introduce Your Child To The Alphabet … Read more

Learn Face Painting

I did simple face painting for my kids after they finished coloring with water color.  They looked at each other faces and laughed.  I drew lines near their mouth and nose to make them look like cat whiskers or drew simple shapes in two colors.  Take a look at their pictures. When I found this article from … Read more

Rosehip Oil is a Healthy Alternative for Younger Looking Skin!

There are some amazing natural options on the market that promote radiantly healthy skin. By using safe and natural alternatives such as the DPL light, essential oils, facial exercise, and plant oils you can reveal truly beautiful skin without the risk of chemicals or toxins. Natural plant oils can be incredibly rejuvenating, nourishing and moisturizing … Read more