Rosehip Oil is a Healthy Alternative for Younger Looking Skin!

There are some amazing natural options on the market that promote radiantly healthy skin. By using safe and natural alternatives such as the DPL light, essential oils, facial exercise, and plant oils you can reveal truly beautiful skin without the risk of chemicals or toxins.

Natural plant oils can be incredibly rejuvenating, nourishing and moisturizing to damaged skin. Rosehip oil is probably the most effective plant oil for repairing and renewing the skin. Because it is so beneficial it is believed to be the best anti-aging plant oil.

This luxuriously golden oil is pressed from the seeds at the beautiful and vibrant red rosehips. It’s rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin A. These incredible ingredients visibly rejuvenate and protect the skin gently and effectively.

Clinical studies have shown that rosehip oil softens scars, reduces age spots, and diminishes lines and wrinkles. It does all of this naturally and safely all while moisturizing and nourishing your skin.

One study was performed during the summer of 1988 on 20 women aged between 25 and 35 who spend their summer months in the sun. Their most common signs of aging were wrinkles, brown spot, and crepy eyelids. The entire group of subjects applied Rosehip oil on the face for four months.

Observations were made and noted every eight days. Dramatic changes were observed on the third week. Surface wrinkles started to disappear, spots faded, and skin looked smoother. By the fourth month the age spots had disappeared completely and the wrinkles were much less noticeable.

Rosehip oil is safe enough to use alone or you can find it in many wonderful natural skin care lines that combine it with other incredibly effective plant oils. It’s a gentle and nourishing anti-aging oil that can help your skin look younger, healthier, and smoother.