How To Teach Your Child The Alphabet

Young children are active and their attention is short. They learn the best way through play and fun activities. I remember that my kids learnt the alphabet through playing with Educational Puzzles. Here is the article from Nicole Dean on ways to introduce alphabet to children. 7 Ways To Introduce Your Child To The Alphabet How to teach your child the alphabet can be accomplished in a variety of ways. While there are many educational tools available today, your child can participate in different forms of learning within the home. Here are 7 ways to introduce your child to the alphabet.• Buy alphabet books.

• Make an alphabet chart and add objects or pictures to correspond to the letters.
• Use alphabet magnets on your refrigerator.
• Sing the alphabet to your child every night.
• Purchase alphabet blocks.
• Say each letter while pointing to it, whether in block or magnet form.
• Purchase the Leap Frog education toy to teach babies and toddlers.

While the reading scores, based on the national level, are down; you can do whatever is necessary to ensure your child is able to read before attending pre-K. By using an alphabet chart, your child will be able to equate letters with names of objects. Also, singing the alphabet engages your child to join in. The Leap Frog educational products are a sound method used to teach babies and toddlers the alphabet. In combination with your own creative tools, your child can have fun and learn at the same time. Visual aids in conjunction with books are fundamental in teaching and garnering a child’s attention. With every page, repeat the letters over and over, while pointing to the associated picture. Magnets on refrigerator doors are another tool to engage your child in learning the alphabet.All learning is based upon learning the alphabet. When the association is made between a letter and an object, the process is in full swing. While walking properly is important for the child’s physical health, reading is just as important to the child’s mental health. When your child looks at a letter, such as A for apple; and makes the connection, the excitement you feel as a parent cannot be put into words. Properly taught, children can begin the process of learning and begin a journey on the path to achievement.Although using these 7 ways to introduce your child to the alphabet is just a start, the real work lies ahead. Engaging your child to fully participate in the learning process is the key. The alphabet is the foundation upon which all words are formed. By using the methods described herein, including singing the alphabet, you are teaching your child to want to learn more. Further, a whole new world is opening up in which words will not only allow them to communicate, but advance their understanding of the importance of learning.