How To Encourage Walking In Babies

Aimee, my youngest girl learnt to walk early.  She started to cruise at age of 9 months and before her first birthday, she could walk confidently. I remembered that she didn’t like to be swaddled when she was a baby and it gave her freedom to move her legs.  I also often put her lying on her … Read more

Free Plas vs Structured Play

Free Play is when the child has an initiative to play without the intervention of adults, whether he plays alone or in a group.  As today’s family is getting smaller with one child or there is a big age gap between siblings, the siblings don’t play together. The child often feels lonely with the free play … Read more

Just Ask For Links

Want to build backlinks to your site but you’re tired of spam sites? There is another way to build backlinks. Not all methods of link building should be done is fixed as competitors, you can create different ways to get links and useful ones without much effort. In this post I will write about the … Read more

Half Day of .NET

Yesterday was a very busy day for me and a number of other people. The Charleston, SC MSDN event started around noon. We kicked it off by watching “The Code Room“ as people started filing in. Having never taken the time to sit and watch it before, I really enjoyed it. I have a whole … Read more

Read With Your Child

I had no idea how the child learnt to read when I had my first child. I liked to read fun stories books to her before her bedtime to cultivate the love of reading in her. Dr. Seuss books were her favorite books. She often asked me to read over and over again the same … Read more

InstallShield Skins… not quite ready for prime time

Installshield X ships with a handful of “skins” for their dialogs. You have blue, slate, monochrome (very sci-fi looking), true color blue, olive, midnight and my personal favorite: “NONE”.   Why is this one my favorite? Well it’s true the others look fairly cool, but they don’t work with custom dialogs (even the same size … Read more