Half Day of .NET

Yesterday was a very busy day for me and a number of other people.

The Charleston, SC MSDN event started around noon. We kicked it off by watching “The Code Room“ as people started filing in. Having never taken the time to sit and watch it before, I really enjoyed it. I have a whole new appreciation for Scott Belware now.

Glen Gordon did a terrific job presenting. The topics were Web Services Unleashed, Universal Data Access w/ SQL Server 2005 and Publishing Applications Using ClickOnce. Of the three topics, I found the SQL Server 2005 to be the most interesting. The ClickOnce demo experienced some problems, but there are some cool ideas there. Definitely food for thought.

I’m happy to say the attendance was great! We had a little over 100 people registered, and about 73 people showed. That’s a BIG improvement from the 15 people who had signed up when Glen first asked for some help spreading the word. Hopefully we’ll be getting more events in 2005. Lots of good questions were asked and everyone seemed to get something out of it.

Glen also gave the User Group a brief plug. I saw a few people taking notes and asking questions about it, so that’s always good.

After the MSDN event wrapped up, I had to rush back over to work and get ready for our .NET User Group (GC.NUG) meeting. A few of the MSDN attendees actually beat me back. Once we got the registration table up and the pizza showed up, we were ready to roll. Our speaker for the evening was (you guessed it) Glen Gordon of Microsoft! Glen was gracious enough to come hang out with us and talk about yet another topic (is there anything this guy can’t do??). This time it was ASP.NET Mobile Controls.

I found this presentation to be the most entertaining of all, and also quite informative. Glen handled lots of questions with ease, including a few tough ones. I should also point out that Glen provided the Papa John’s Pizza for the meeting.  THANKS GLEN!!

We had our usual giveaways, books and resource kits, MSDN Winter and Spring DVDs.  Our big giveaway for the month was InstallShield X. This month was the first time we restricted our “big” giveaway to full members only. It seemed to go over ok, and we had at least 4 people join on the spot. That brings our paid membership up to 7 or 8 (I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but we JUST started this program.) Paid members have a number of benefits, not just the special drawing. We also have a members only .NET Lending Library and other perks.

We had a few new faces at the meeting, most of which carried over from the MSDN event. Overall attendance wasn’t peak (around 22) but that was to be expected since we changed the meeting date to lineup with the MSDN event (in order to take advantage of Glen being in town). We wrapped up a little after 8 and I went home tired but happy. Of course, then I stayed up until about 1:30am playing with some of the new technology I saw yesterday.

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