Natural Preconception Guide for a Healthy and Better Baby

Healthy baby is a dream for parents-to-be. It is important for a couple or parents-to-be to prepare their body to be healthy before conception. Back to 9 years ago, I looked for an answer why I couldn’t conceive after one year of marriage. I found  “Healthy Parents, Better Babies”, a couple’s guide to natural preconception health care book. The book helped me to understand the nutrition, health supplements, herbal remedies, natural therapies, infertility and problems in health reproduction. I and my husband followed some of the advice, taking herbal remedies for improvement in our health reproduction and detoxifying our body before conception. To our surprise, I conceived within few months and gave birth to a healthy baby. The Gynae didn’t believe that a petite lady like me could give birth to a healthy baby of 3.26 kg. It is advisable that you should distance the next conception 2 or 3 years after delivery of your baby so that your body can rebuild enough nutrition for another fetus. 3 years later, I gave birth to another baby 3.35 kg.

For a couple or parents-to-be who wish to have a healthy and better baby or look for an answer to infertility problem, I recommend you to read  “ Healthy Parents, Better Babies”, a couple’s guide to natural preconception health care. This book is a guide and resources for parents-to-be for natural conception. Though, I don’t plan for having more babies, this book is still good health resources for moms like me to understand the health care and nutrition for women and women problems like PMS, breast lumps etc.

Please take a look at Natural Preconception books authored by Francesca Naish, naturopath and herbalish from Australia clinic and Janette Roberts, pharmacist and  nutritionist who is famous for her work in promoting preconception healthcare.