Parenting Tips for Kids Going Back to School

Get ready for school after a long nice holiday may be hard for schooling kids. Going back to school blues are noticeable for preschoolers and kids who start their first year in primary school. Young kids may experience anxiety of separation from their parents and new environment. I have seen young kids showed their tantrums during their first few days at school. For older kids, they showed anxiety for going back to school in new school year for having a new teacher and new academic challenges. They also showed reluctance for going back to school routine. My eldest was afraid of learning new and difficult lessons when she started her first year at primary school. Now, she was only concerned about having a new teacher for every new school year. My youngest started kindergarten with a confidence and told me: “Mummy, you now can go home! No need to wait me at school.”

As parents, you can do some preparation to ensure kids are ready for school. Take a look at parenting tips to prepare kids going back to school:

School morning routine. Kids may be relaxed during holiday. They can wake up late and go to bed late too. A week before school starts, please make them to go to bed early and start morning routine for readiness to school.

Readiness for school. For preschoolers, parents can talk about pre-school often and visit the school with your kids. Read the book about going back to school for preschoolers may be a good idea. Revise some pre-school activities books may give your child a confidence and lessen their anxiety. For older kids, it may be best to go through some light revision for subjects or lessons that they aren’t good at so they will be ready for the new academic year.

If kids are prepared for going back to school, parents shall have no worries. Some schools may have session “meet the teachers” after the first weeks of the school start. Make use this session to build a rapport with the teacher and to find out more about your child if there are any learning difficulties or other problems.