New Opportunities for Online WAHM Business

Few years ago, online WAHM Business is pretty much about selling physical products via online store. I’m still running online store till today. However, selling physical products are limited within the country itself. The delivery cost puts additional cost to the product cost itself and many shop owners have to bear the delivery cost and provide FREE SHIPPING. Not only WAHM business run online store, there are numerous medium to large scale companies are running their business via online store despite having their physical store. They add more competition to the market.

Nowadays, there are new opportunities for online WAHM business. New opportunities such as service based business, blogging and digital products creation opens up.

Digital Products Creation

Digital Product has advantages over hard copy book.  You can deliver digital products to your customers through Internet and you can market them with no boundary.  Moon Loh with WAHM Home Business Kit encourage moms to create digital products in short time by using other people’s expertise such as in PLR.  PLR (Private Label Rights) and MRR (Master Resell Rights) become instant hit. People with little knowledge can use PLR content  to create quality blog content or to produce their e-books. You can claim PLR content as your own work. All Private Label Content is fresh and good source of PLR.  MRR is basically to get the  selling rights.  You can sell other people’s digital products, e-books and softwares but you can’t change the author’s name.  With PLR & MRR, you are able to keep the 100% profit for you and you can set your own price.

Service-based Business

Moms can learn specific skills to start service based business. Mompreneurs like Nicole Dean with  “Just Add Sweat” Real Home Business Ideas and Kelly McCausey with Work at Home Business Ideas are mompreneurs who encourage moms to take up WAHM business online instead of doing WAHM job.


I can say that the most attractive online WAHM business opportunity is blogging. It doesn’t attract only moms but everybody, from young to old people who wish to make money online from blogging.  Blogging is no longer regarded as a pastime but an online business. The development of blogging is getting more complex today with the use of technology. I’m now into blogging business as well. If you are blogging, please do consider learn from Blog Cash Coaching so you have a KNOW HOW to optimize and market your blog before you monetize your blog.

I hope that moms who wish to start online WAHM business will soon realize that it’s possible to start a business by using computer and Internet. The WAHM business opportunities above are low cost and low risk business compared to a business that invest in physical products. My advice is to invest in learning and gain knowledge or skills when you start your online WAHM business.