How to Keep Your Blog Content Fresh

If you’re maintaining a business blog, you know the importance of having fresh content for your readers. Most information available has been said a thousand times over, and you don’t want to risk losing loyal customers because your content is stuck on repeat. Still, churning out fresh posts can be exhausting, and difficult. Depending on … Read more

6 Free Online Tools Every Pro Blogger Should Know

We’ve all got a lot on our To-Do lists. Part of my (personal) obsession online is finding the best tools to make my life, (and yours) just a little bit easier. Whether its time management, organization, learning something new or just a great way to see all the hard work you’ve accomplished these tools will … Read more

Make Your Dream Come True with Personal Goal Setting

We all have a dream. I see that a dream is a long-term goal. If our dream is Financial Freedom, there will be many ways to achieve it and it is a long term goal. We need to break it into small personal goal setting and make it realistic. Taking small steps day by day … Read more

Overland Mapping in HA! 0.1.7

I’ve spent the last few hours working on the overland map for HA! and I’m happy to say the initialization routines are done. FWIW, they didn’t take as long as I thought, but still longer than I would have liked. If you’re interested in what the overland looks like, when actually represented, you can go … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to be a Guest Blogger

We wanted to touch on guest blogging today because we’ve decided that now is the time to open up the Blogger Effect blog to guest bloggers. So whether you blog about corporate blogging, social media, how to’s, best practices or new plugins we want to hear from you. Check out our Guest Blogging Guidelines and … Read more

Would You Pay One Dollar For This

Does knowledge have a price tag? We’re not talking about the type of knowledge you get behind the walls of a university. We’re talking about news, things that are happening in the world, scientific studies, in-depth reporting. Would you pay to know whats going on in the world? Sure you’ve got pay walls by major … Read more

How to Teach Young Kids About Money

Don’t wait until your children grow up to be a teenage and we start to teach them about money. We can teach the schooling kids about money as young as they are in primary one or year 1. At primary one, they learn the basic math and I see the math book that incorporates the … Read more

Legal Bullying, The Sad Truth

I recently stumbled across a blog article titled “Bad Business, When Chi Called a Blog Review Trademark Infringement“. This story is similar to those I’ve heard before. Where brands think that they can cast out certain bloggers through legal bullying. Whether the brand is trying to make an example of them or not, it really … Read more

Readability: Bringing Simplicity to Content

Let’s face it, content can be hard to digest sometimes. Whether its a subpar webpage design or layout, or trying to read it on a tiny screen, sometimes just trying to focus on the content is half the battle. Let us introduce you to Readability. I only discovered this today as their iPhone app launched … Read more

Underneath it All

As bloggers, we all have different reasons for writing, for sharing, for exploring the known and unknown. We have our weaknesses, fears, regrets, right alongside our love, strength, passion and experience. Over the next few articles, I want to explore some of our simple reasons for blogging. It might sound unnecessary, but think about your … Read more