Safeguards Your Kids and Family from Common Cold

Please note that this is not a professional advice but I share my experiences as a learning mama whose kids who often catch common cold.  I hope my tips for kids with common cold can be resources for other moms. Common cold is a very common mild infection affecting nose and throat. However, if common cold is not treated early, it will lead to severe infection and complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia or asthma. My youngest kid was hospitalized once due to bronchitis. So, I try my best that it will not happen again.

When your kids attend pre-school or kindergarten, they will get common cold frequently. I can’t protect my kids catching cold from other kids, so I treat the common cold as early as possible when the symptoms show up. I’m using some herbal or home remedies for my kids and family with common colds. Some herbal remedies used in our food or kitchen are known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties

Ginger. I brew ginger herbal tea for 15 minutes or more and add honey to disguise the slightly hot taste of ginger. I’m using ginger herbal tea, manufactured from Hovid pharmaceutical company. Other than ginger is Folium Mori or Mulberry leaves herbal tea which also works against common cold. You can prepare your own ginger concoction:

  • cut ginger into small pieces or slices
  • you can add tea if you want
  • pour in fresh boiling water and brew for few minutes
  • strain or remove the ginger pieces and add honey or rock sugar to sweeten the drink

Garlic & Onion.  It is better to eat them raw to get the benefits but the smell is rather strong. The heat or cooking will take away the good use of garlic as a cure for cold.  Pharmaceutical company like Blackmore or Natural Factor have produced garlic tablet, garlic oil, garlic capsule from garlic and this makes easier for kids to benefit from garlic. My kids are taking low dosage odourless garlic from Blackmore, recommended for kids 6-12 years old.

Echinacea.  Echinacea Purpurea can treat cold in adults and kids by enhancing the immune system and fight infections. It is available in liquid or tablets. The liquid is rather strong and for a child, 2+. You should dilute the Echinacea liquid with honey and water.

Vitamin C. Low dosage maintenance of vitamin C can prevent common cold and high dosage of vitamin C in short period is to shorten the period of common cold.

Turmeric. I didn’t try this but my friend did. She grounded fresh turmeric root and squeezed the juice ½-1 teaspoon and fed the juice to her child for a relief of sore throat.

Manuka Honey. It is a kind of honey that has antibacterial properties.

Lozenge. It soothes sore throat. You can find lozenge in Manuka honey or Echinacea.

Lo Han Kuo.  Lo Han Kuo is a type of sweet fruit from China. You can make concoction from this fruit and it is  also available in ready made beverage. My kids are taking it for a relief of cough.

Food to abstain during common cold are:

  • Dairy products, according to Blackmore Health Bookmark
  • Fruits, which may trigger phlegm, advised by Indian doctor
  • Chicken, which may cause more allergy for cough, advised by Chinese

I wish my sharing can be  tips for parents or tips for moms to raise Healthy Kids, guard them against common cold. Please participate in sharing your tips at Tips for Moms and Kids and get free giveaway e-book.