A New Take On The Selfie.

If you recall, last year Dove came out with their “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign. They took real women, and had a sketch artist draw them, without seeing them, based on their own description of themselves. Then the same artist drew them again, only this time it was a stranger with whom they had met with describing the same woman. The results were amazing.

Dove is at it again. This time they’ve taken their message #BeautyIs to the classroom.

Having a 16 year old sister, and at one time being a teenage girl myself I can definitely relate to the girls in the video. And I have to say that Dove is right. The internet and social media have made beauty, in all of its forms available to all. And the definition of beauty is changing.

A while back we posted about online bullying in our post “Think Cyber Bullying Isn’t That Bad? Think Again.” I bring this up because we as a society have the ability to change things. This is something that we need to do more than ever. Social media has given us a voice and we should use it.

There should never be a child who is frightened to go on Facebook or Twitter because the continuation of the bullying continues. It’s bad enough that they have to go through it in their day-to-day lives. Why can’t social media be an outlet? Give them hope and a way to show them that “this too shall pass”?

I really believe that Dove is headed in the right direction. Showing girls and women that there is more to beauty that what the magazines and media tell us. Even showing us that we all have insecurities and those insecurities are often only in our own heads. And giving us a community and a voice through social media is a great start.