Make Your Text Messages Beautiful By Going Old School

Text messaging is pretty impersonal. When I was younger a text was for something quick. Like “I’m running late” or “I’ll call you back.” Now you have entire conversations over text. Back and forth until someone finally stops. Rather than seeing each other or talking on the phone, you’ve learned everything you need to know through a text. What if text messaging was different?

What if you could make text messaging beautiful by going old school?

Cristina Vanko decided to do just that. Cristina is a visual designer and storyteller that got a hold of her fathers old calligraphy pen and did something wonderful.

She began by drawing doodles with the pen, taking a picture and sending them as picture messages to her friends. She was having fun and decided she wanted to create her own modern day version of “snail-mail.”

Her rules:

My rules for this type experiment were simple: create handwritten text messages for 7 days, i.e. no using the keyboard on my phone to send a message. I wrote out my message on paper and then I snapped a photo to send as a text message.

Growing up I learned the importance of writing hand written letters. I would write a letter to my grandparents in California and they would always write back. This continued until I got into my teens. I wish I had kept the letters. Taking the time to hand write something like Cristina did means far more to someone than sending text messages. The way she did it obviously took some people by surprise but the majority of responses she got were positive.

Here are just a few things that she learned from her experiment:

1) A phone isn’t only a texting device.
2) People like to plan phone calls these days, rather than receive them randomly.
3) My personality shined through so well that one friend texted back “it’s like you’re here with us!”…but then she followed up a few messages later that “it’s almost like you’re deaf and passing notes around in the room.”
4) Having a pen and paper is handy at all times.
5) My lack of a timely response really just meant that I didn’t have a pen and paper around.
6) My messages sent were more thoughtful in the “I used complete thoughts” type of way.

For the rest of the details on her experiment and what she learned visit Cristina’s website.

Do you think you’d try something like this? What do you think your response would be if you tried this?