Organic SEO vs PPC Advertising

When promoting a site you can be used in a variety of different techniques. Ultimately you must decide where to invest your money, about 80% of web traffic comes from search engines, there are two ways to get some of this traffic. Traffic can be made through clicking on organic results on search engines (organic SEO) or via clicking on the sponsored results (PPC advertising). In reality, SEO and pay per click (PPC) differ in many important respects, both have degrees and disadvantages and both are suitable in different circumstances.

There are many misconceptions about organic SEO and pay per click. One misconception is that SEO is free thing, and it often advantage compared to the costs involved in Google AdWords pay per click. With organic search, you do not pay each time someone clicks and comes to your site, but it should not be considered free. I highly recommended to websites hire professional to manage the organic SEO of there site, and this will cost. The “DIY” option may be attractive but will require a long time and still most likely cost you money when you start your link building strategies. In addition there is a possibility that you will “upset” the search engines if you are not playing by the rules of “do’s and don’ts” of organic SEO. So if you assume an organic SEO will cost you a lot of money, you got the impression that the PPC is the winner option.

Organic SEO requires time and efforts. PPC campaign can be promoted and ran into the quarter of an hour, bringing traffic to your site and generate sales. In contrast, organic SEO can take months until he can not guarantee that he will rule. This smuggler many people from organic SEO, people interested in the results can be seen right away and have no patience to wait several months for them. Organic SEO is a very invasive process, the location of Web site pages in search engine results (SERP) depends on several factors related to the Web page, such as page titles, description and content. When you start organic SEO campaign, you may find your site requires redesign, or that SEO company you hire insists to add 500 words including keywords into your home page. Before you sign a contract with search engine optimization company, you must determine what work would have to be made to avoid difficulties and injuries later.

So far, compared to PPC advertising, organic SEO seems less desirable option: it requires more effort, take more time before you see results as well as it costs money. Although there is truth in that SEO campaign costs money, is much cheaper in the long run and will reflected in better ROI than you get through pay per click. After that improved in the status of your website in the organic results, the bulk of the work had be done. Although you might want to invest in link building and keep an eye on competitors, this should cost you much less than the construction cost of the campaign. In many cases you can also stop all efforts to promote the website and still enjoy the first position for years and years (in small themes only!). While this is not the situation for most commercial sites, organic SEO can generate huge amounts of traffic and result in an unbeatable ROI in the long run.

Although the sites and business requirements of most people are very diverse, it’s generally a good idea to invest money in both strategies. Organic SEO investment gives the best ROI in the long run, while making simultaneous PPC campaign will provide a steady stream of traffic to SEO efforts and it will give sales meanwhile. There is also a bonus to this process (use both strategies in same time) organic SEO strategies are expected to increase the ranking of your landing page and reduce the cost of ads on Google, it will increase your Google Adwords Quality Score. No matter what methods you choose, you should use the services of a professional. Select the companyor freelnacer carefully and make sure you know exactly what you’re signing before they start to work.

So what would you choose? Organic SEO campaign only? Only PPC campaign? Or a combination of both and abandonment of the PPC project after reaching the desired results  from organic results (with organic SEO)? All answers depend on your business scale and your budget ability, there is no single answer to all areas of business at all.

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