Underneath it All

As bloggers, we all have different reasons for writing, for sharing, for exploring the known and unknown. We have our weaknesses, fears, regrets, right alongside our love, strength, passion and experience. Over the next few articles, I want to explore some of our simple reasons for blogging. It might sound unnecessary, but think about your own story, I bet it’s one you don’t think about often, or at least often enough. I’d like to begin with my own short story, which happened not too long ago.

In 2009 I found myself working for a for-profit college as their Career Services Director. One of our partners, a local employment website brought me in one day for a meeting. Since I was new to the roll, they gave me their background and other information that isn’t important to this story. They were showing me more about their website, explaining exactly what functions it offered and why each section was important.

One of the functions allowed some of their users to post articles about job search, career, and other related content. Being a writer, my ears perked up, my eyes widened, and it’s quite possible I salivated just a bit. This was my first meeting with the single activity I cannot live without, this began my passion for blogging. After that day, my life would never be quite the same. Oh sure, I’ve always written, but now I had a way to share my writing with others.

It took some time to get into it. I had such a habit of writing, saving and looking at it maybe a year or two later, I was a little afraid of that publish button. Gradually I started to write more and more which naturally lead to the creation of my own site, my own content. My voice sharing with those who cared to listen.

This exercise and storytelling that we are going to do over the next few articles has two sides.

1. We want to let people out there who are on the fence about blogging know that “we’ve been right where you are”

2. With all this rockstar status surrounding so many bloggers, it’s good to think about where you started and came from and where it all began.

Can’t wait to share and hear your stories!