Legal Bullying, The Sad Truth

I recently stumbled across a blog article titled “Bad Business, When Chi Called a Blog Review Trademark Infringement“. This story is similar to those I’ve heard before. Where brands think that they can cast out certain bloggers through legal bullying. Whether the brand is trying to make an example of them or not, it really is just bad business.

Basically this blogger went ahead and published a review of a brands product. In no way did this blogger say that she was affiliated with the brand or product, and oh yeah, it was a POSITIVE review!

I mean, what brand wants a blogger to write nice things about them?

Not this one, apparently.

The blogger was sent a letter stating that she was infringing on the brands trademark and took down the original post at the request of the brand. Turns out this blogger is also a lawyer. (Funny how things work out some times isn’t it?)

Even after the blogger pulled the original post down, she waited for the company to respond, they didn’t. While she has emails requesting product reviews for the same company, they bully her into taking the already glowing review down, why in the world would she want to write another?

Bottom Line

Being a blogger can have some complications. Make sure that you have the tools and knowledge in place, or know where to look, if you’re ever confronted with a problem like this. Don’t stand for being bullied when you’ve done nothing wrong. Expressing your opinion and thoughts is one of the amazing things about being a blogger. You can say what you want, it’s your right!