Readability: Bringing Simplicity to Content

Let’s face it, content can be hard to digest sometimes. Whether its a subpar webpage design or layout, or trying to read it on a tiny screen, sometimes just trying to focus on the content is half the battle. Let us introduce you to Readability. I only discovered this today as their iPhone app launched in the app store, but it will change the way you consume content.

Download, enter your username, email and password and your ready to go. They have made the app super easy to set up and begin using. In less than 60 seconds your set up and browsing the blogs, sites and news sources you know and love..

I wasn’t sure this would make much of a difference on my iPhone, but I stand corrected. My biggest issue with using my iPhone for consuming content is the fact that it’s so tiny! My vision is 20/20 yet, even I can’t always focus on -2 pt font for more than 20 seconds without giving up.

Readability seems to change all that and to me seems to be a tool that I’ll be using all the time to keep those headaches and eye strains at bay.

The photo to the left shows you how user friendly this app really is. Find the article you want, even search Google (you’re looking at a Google search query in the background of the picture) and go back and forth between the original and readability formats as much as you like.

Personally, I’m not really seeing a need to switch back and forth except to search or possibly type in the URL to a blog I’m wanting to read. It is so much easier on the eyes that the Readability version seems to be all I really need.

Let’s move on to a real example. I looked up our website in their search bar. What you see to your right is a screenshot of our site through Readability on my iPhone. It looks like our normal website that you’d see on any computer or mobile device.

Don’t let this fool you. When I first tried it, I didn’t really understand what it was doing. My webpage and blog look the same, so what does it do? Was pretty much the thought in my head. Now, let me show you.

You’ll see in this final photo, the same page, our blog post “When Sources Don’t Matter” just the readability version of it. No changing fonts or colors, just simple, clean and easy to read content. That’s why you’re reading this anyway right?

To top it off, you can tweet, post and email right from the converted readability version. When it comes to content, Readability takes out the fluff and allows you to really enjoy what matters most.