Would You Pay One Dollar For This

Does knowledge have a price tag? We’re not talking about the type of knowledge you get behind the walls of a university. We’re talking about news, things that are happening in the world, scientific studies, in-depth reporting. Would you pay to know whats going on in the world? Sure you’ve got pay walls by major publications and news sources. You pay a monthly fee to access all of their content. You get full access to all of their journalists, writers, editors, reviews. You name it you’ve got it. Now what if the New York Times changed their business model and billed you like iTunes does, per article? Would you read it then?

Matter thinks you will.

What is Matter you ask? Great question. Matter is currently featured on Kickstarter and has already raised a ton of money for their project. More than double what they hoped to reach in fact. Their idea is to bring long form and investigative journalism back. They believe (according to their video) that deep investigations along with beautiful narratives is something that is disappearing. While that may be true, they also believe that consumers will pay a dollar per article to read them.

It’s an interesting concept and done right might actually make sense. The issue I see is that the line between blogger and journalist is blurring. Bloggers are around the globe. Bloggers can be where events are taking place exactly when they are taking place and have a first hand look at what is really going on. So why do we need to send an investigative journalist half way around the world to get the same story 100 bloggers are already on? Perhaps the bloggers don’t know where to look, perhaps they do, the same goes for journalists. Each viewpoint will be unique as will each experience with the event.

What do you think? Would you pay one dollar for an article like Matter thinks you will?