Overland Mapping in HA! 0.1.7

I’ve spent the last few hours working on the overland map for HA! and I’m happy to say the initialization routines are done. FWIW, they didn’t take as long as I thought, but still longer than I would have liked.

If you’re interested in what the overland looks like, when actually represented, you can go here, but keep in mind that some (maybe a little, maybe a lot) of it will change as I implement it. Currently though, that’s it.

So anyway, now I have the overland map data loading at the beginning of the game. The plan is to take this data and start the hero up top, instead of in a dungeon. Most of the navi code is already written, I just have to add some status flags, and populate some of the towns and such. Dungeon generation will need to be tweaked so as to have a finite starting point. (Currently you can go up or down infinitely.) This isn’t so much a code tweak as a parameter tweak. *thinking ahead*

I’ll also need to work on preserving the state of the dungeon(s) from level to level. I may leave one of them the way it is now (random every level, non persistant) except for having a fixed start level, as a tribute to what came before.

Shaun S. gave me some backhanded motivation the other day, when he stressed the importance of actually finishing HA! and not being “one of those guys” who never finish their game. I dunno if he reads my blog, but he’s right of course. All I can say is I may be slow, but I’m also determined. I won’t stop until HA! is done. (Actually, all the attention it’s gotten lately has been a big motivator too.)

Also on the hit list for 0.1.7 are:

  • Multiple dungeons, towns, etc on overland map
  • Home in town for hero. (persistant, safe for stuff, etc)
  • Creature inventory (picking up & dropping items, using them)
  • Creatures set off traps (currently traps ignore creatures)
  • Missle weapons (bows, slings, etc)
  • Magic system (Spells mostly, but also books, scrolls & wands)
  • Skill improvement at level-up
  • Creature hostility levels (currently all creatures are 100% hostile)
  • Creature morale (aka “fight or flight”)
  • Creature attack tactics (currently all creatures fight the same way)
  • Feat/Talent system (selected at startup and every x levels)
  • Attribute increase (one point to a stat, every x levels)
  • Class selection for magic races at “maturity”

Probably not until 0.1.8 or later:

  • hunger & fatigue
  • food (found food and also creature corpses)
  • encumbrance
  • quests
  • magical armor and weapons

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