Make Your Dream Come True with Personal Goal Setting

We all have a dream. I see that a dream is a long-term goal. If our dream is Financial Freedom, there will be many ways to achieve it and it is a long term goal. We need to break it into small personal goal setting and make it realistic. Taking small steps day by day and working on one goal will make it more feasible.  It is never too late to pursue our dream even we’re no longer young. Of course, being young is an advantage but being old means we are more mature.

The step by step process to achieve a personal goal are:

Goal Setting. Goal Setting is about planning, making progress and finally achieving the goal. Choose what you want in your life, the strategy to achieve it and set a timeframe for your plan. Set a shorter timeframe such as 1 month and review every month of what’s your achievement.

Commitment. Put your heart and commit your time to work out your goal, let’s say 2 hours per day or twice a week.

Picture Your Success. Change your belief by creating an inspiration one-sentence story.  Say the inspiration story repeatedly to yourself to hear it. Watch mind videos repeatedly to influence your mind.

Learning Resources. Decide whether you work on your own or you need a personal coach to guide you. You can learn from offline resources such as books, workshop or training centre. I would personally prefer online resources e-books, videos or membership as they provide money back guarantee, cost saving and the convenience to learn at home. For moms, there are various resources for moms and moms network for a support.  Having a personal coach is an advantage. The coach will set a direction for us and we need to work out to complete the assignments given. Besides, the coach will give motivation you need.

Stay Positive. Things don’t always work and you feel weary along the way. Sometimes, you need to re-evaluate the strategy.  Take a break and talk to your partner or your friends. You can voice your problem in the forum. I notice there are many people asking for a help in the forum.

Learn From The Success Stories. Read the success stories of other entrepreneurs are one way to emulate their success strategy. If you are a mom, read mompreneurs’ success strories.

If you achieve a small personal goal setting, you will have more confidence to work on a bigger personal goal setting.