6 Free Online Tools Every Pro Blogger Should Know

We’ve all got a lot on our To-Do lists. Part of my (personal) obsession online is finding the best tools to make my life, (and yours) just a little bit easier. Whether its time management, organization, learning something new or just a great way to see all the hard work you’ve accomplished these tools will help you kick some butt.


We took a look at Readability in our article, Readability, Bringing Simplicity to Content. However this tip comes from a friend of ours, Liz (@I_am_newme). She pointed out that Readability allows you to send items directly to your Kindle to read when you want, where you want. I’m a big fan of the Kindle, but I was pretty upset when I bought it and realized I couldn’t read my favorite blogs on it unless I paid. Readability allows you to read them for free.

Read It Later

I had heard about Read It Later a long time ago but only recently started using it. If you’re anything like me, you find the most interesting article right when you have somewhere to be or something to do. I use the iPhone app a ton and just send it to my queue in Read It Later to get back to the content when I have time. Like Readability, it also allows you to send your items to your Kindle and their desktop version has just been given a facelift.

Toggl Time Tracking

If you’re awful and time management or just want to see what you’ve really been doing for the last few days, Toggl can help you. It’s a basic, easy to use time tracking tool. You login, hit start, do what you need to do and when you’re finished stop the timer. You can go back and see what you’ve been working on and how long it actually took you. This little tool is great for freelancers and small teams to stay on track for clients.


Ok so this might not be a “tool” but it is definitely a useful resource. Sign up for NetGalley, fill out your profile and you’ll have the opportunity to gain access to thousands of books to read, and review. Many of the titles you’ll find here aren’t even released to the public yet. It’s an amazing resource no matter what your niche topic.


Wunderlist may just be my lifesaver. It’s a super simple to-do list that goes with you wherever you go. Mark tasks complete or have alerts sent via popup (on iPhone) or via email. You can even add tasks by sending an email to your account! With this little tool you’ll never miss anything important again!


Sound similar to the last one? Good because it’s from the same company. WonderKit is the big, robust younger brother of Wunderlist. It let’s you do amazing things with a free application. Most bloggers don’t work alone, and if you do, you’ve got the occasional guest post or project. Wunderkit lets you create projects, add tasks and notes and stay on track. With the social aspect you can have followers share specific comments or updates with them and let them know what you’re up to. Oh, did we mention that you can add as many members as you’d like for free? Awesomeness!

There you have it, my list of 6 free online tools for bloggers. Hope they come in handy for you!
What do you use that isn’t on our list?