How to Keep Your Blog Content Fresh

If you’re maintaining a business blog, you know the importance of having fresh content for your readers. Most information available has been said a thousand times over, and you don’t want to risk losing loyal customers because your content is stuck on repeat. Still, churning out fresh posts can be exhausting, and difficult. Depending on the size of your niche, this can seem next to impossible. However, there are a variety of techniques you can use that will be helpful in creating new and exciting articles for your readers.

A New Take on an Old Subject

Return to a current event you talked about a couple months back. Not only will linking back to that article be good for your SEO rankings, but you already have a topic to write about. While you don’t want to discuss the same points, there are multiple stories you could pull out of this.

  • Re-analyze the topic from a current point of view. With social media changing every day, it shouldn’t be difficult to take the subject from a different view.
  • Compare it to something current.
  • Give an update. If you wrote about something going on with your blog or in the blogging world, bring it to the current.

Your Life Is Inspirational

What do you like? Do you enjoy reading? Watching TV? When you engage in those activities, your mind is analyzing and reading between the lines. Use your ability to see one thing from multiple perspectives and write about it.

  • What ____ can teach you about ____; compare television shows or your favorite books to relevant blog topics. I.e. What The Hunger Games Can Teach You About Workplace Relationships. Choosing something your fans can relate to and gearing it toward a current topic gives you fresh content and keeps your readers engaged.
  • Relate other interests to relevant topics. If you’re an avid runner, but write about marketing, consider doing a comparison piece.

Peruse the Comments

Reader comments are a great place to look for new topics. As a community, your comment section welcomes questions, concerns and praises. There’s no better place to find out exactly what your readers want to see.

  • What questions do they pose? Turn the answer into a blog post.
  • What concerns do they raise? Address any issues, offer alternatives, or write an op-ed piece.
  • What do they praise you about? They really like how you spelled out some helpful tips? Think of another facet of your niche where readers could use step by step instructions.

Guest Posts

Having guest posts on your site is a win-win. Not only does it give you a break from thinking up with new content, but it brings in a fresh perspective. Not to mention your blog will reach new audiences and your regular readers get a dose of something new – which is the point of fresh content anyway, right? Before allowing just anyone to post, set ground rules.

  • The story should be original and not posted elsewhere. This ensures you have new posts, nothing recycled.
  • Ask for pitches before submissions. If the topic sounds over-used, you have the right to reject it or ask for another idea.

Creating fresh content regularly can be tiring. However, maintaining your blog is important for your readers. Consider these suggestions and keep building. If you’ve gotten your blog this far, it’s safe to assume you’re heading down the right road. So, don’t let the same old routine make you stale; think out of the box and allow yourself to get creative.