Organic SEO vs PPC Advertising

When promoting a site you can be used in a variety of different techniques. Ultimately you must decide where to invest your money, about 80% of web traffic comes from search engines, there are two ways to get some of this traffic. Traffic can be made through clicking on organic results on search engines (organic … Read more

We’re Not Good Enough To Be Facebook Friends

Social media is a wonderful tool when you use it correctly. It’s great for keeping up with friends and family and for connecting with people that you wouldn’t otherwise get to connect with. But what happens when social media goes wrong? What happens when an acquaintance decides that we’re not good enough to be Facebook … Read more

Make Your Text Messages Beautiful By Going Old School

Text messaging is pretty impersonal. When I was younger a text was for something quick. Like “I’m running late” or “I’ll call you back.” Now you have entire conversations over text. Back and forth until someone finally stops. Rather than seeing each other or talking on the phone, you’ve learned everything you need to know … Read more

A New Take On The Selfie.

If you recall, last year Dove came out with their “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign. They took real women, and had a sketch artist draw them, without seeing them, based on their own description of themselves. Then the same artist drew them again, only this time it was a stranger with whom they had met with … Read more

Here comes the sun…

We’re on a mission at the moment to keep people sewing throughout the summer months! Despite being well aware that warm weather and sunshine open the door to a whole host of seasonal activities like picnics in the park or BBQs on the beach – there’s no reason why our sewing projects have to grind … Read more

Engaged? Fall In Loverly To Prepare Your Big Day

Oh weddings, who doesn’t love a good wedding? If you’re in the market to plan for a wedding you’ve probably heard of Loverly. It’s a wedding search engine for brides that has taken the bridal industry by storm. They’ve had a majorly busy year and we love what they’ve done to enhance your experience. They … Read more

Safeguards Your Kids and Family from Common Cold

Please note that this is not a professional advice but I share my experiences as a learning mama whose kids who often catch common cold.  I hope my tips for kids with common cold can be resources for other moms. Common cold is a very common mild infection affecting nose and throat. However, if common … Read more