How Much Traffic Should Your Blog Have?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through a period of Google Analytics obsession. Checking your blog traffic to find out how many, how often and what they do on your site. We all want to know as bloggers what content works and what doesn’t. If content is king, traffic might as well be the castle holding it all together. So how much traffic should you really be getting to your blog?

The answer, unfortunately, isn’t that simple. It depends on an array of factors, some of which you may not have even considered.

Let’s start out with one of the most important factors:


While some marketers will tell you that any blog, can gain traffic in a hurry, the truth is your topic matters. Now, I’m not talking on a single post, but the topic(s) you cover on your blog as a whole. Let’s say there are two bloggers, one writes about new fashion trends and the other writes about electrical engineering. Both are equals in their writing technique, grammar, online presence and so on. The sad truth is that while they both work equally as hard on their blog, there are far more people interested in fashion trends than there are people interested in electrical engineering.

Defining your Niche

You may think this will contradict what I just wrote, however, its really more of an add on. Using our same fashion/engineering example, let’s dig further into it. There are thousands if not millions of fashion blogs online, some great, some so so. But they are all competing for the same interested audience. While electrical engineering blogs I would guess are numbered in the hundreds. While the engineers have a more definitive topic, their audience is smaller but more engaged. They have fewer blogs to choose from on the topic so once they find your outstanding content, they’ll be hooked for sure.

Into the Shades of Gray

Life isn’t black and white, so why should your blog be? (OK, minus the black type on a white background) Think of ways to expand your topic to bring in new readers and bring more knowledge to your current readers. Here, we write about blogging but that covers things like social media, SEO, plugins, platforms, and much more.

Once you’ve narrowed down your topic it’s time to look at some other key elements for traffic. We’ll get to that next time.

What do you find brings you the most traffic? Do you think your topic influences your reach potential?