Best Communication Practices in the Blogosphere

As a full-time blogger, staying in contact with fellow bloggers can be tricky. There are days in the week
where I have to sort through my emails and remind myself what articles I am supposed to be writing
and for who. The best part is that I have connected with such a welcoming community of people that
it’s a highlight in my life to have so many virtual relationships with so many bloggers. With the abundant
sources online to stay in contact with people, there are a variety of resources to use to communicate
with bloggers and stay in contact. Here are some of the best options to consider and hopefully help
build your own personal blogging community.

LinkedIn – There are hundreds of groups on Linked In for people to join. For bloggers, there are 2
exclusive groups that offer the best discussion and connections, “The Blog Zone” and “The Guest
Blogger” that have discussions and forums for people to communicate and promote their own blogs.
People discuss anything from how frequent to post your articles to advice on how to get a bigger
following for your blog. Not to mention, you’re already on LinkedIn and those connections you make
could become great professional connections for the future.

MyBlogGuest – co-founded by none other than Ann Smarty herself, this blogging service connects the
largest range of blogs with people interested in sharing content and guest posts. You can either join for
free or pay a minimal fee to post discussions on different forums, subscribe to different topics for article
suggestions, or send private messages to certain blogs and their owners to have one-on-one discussions
about article topics. This service continues to grow and if you haven’t subscribed yet, you’re missing out
on a lot of blogging opportunities and relationships.

BloggerLinkUp – also known as the BLU service, you are able to promote your blog for accepting guest
posts with guidelines and instructions or promote an article you want to publish on another blog. In
doing so, you get a mass email about twice a week with all the entries sorted out for you to go through
and look for potential relationships and blogs to work with. Not only are you given the direct email, the
turn-around rate of response tends to be far quicker than any other option available.

Social Media – It’s practically a no-brainer but there are so many different social media avenues to
use to stay connected with bloggers. Not only can you follow bloggers’ discussions and latest articles/
topics, you can maintain a relationship easily and have direct methods of communicating with Facebook,
Twitter, and Pinterest. Tweeting guest posts and sharing content to your social networks is always a
quality bloggers respect, and notice when you are connected with them on social networks.

Staying communicated in the blogosphere could never be easier. Whether you’re staying up to date with
their RSS feeds, or re-tweeting their articles to your followers and liking their pages on Facebook, there
are many ways to stay updated in the blogging community. Maintaining great relationships is also key. If
you are asking to guest post on their blog, maybe offer your blog for them to guest blog on. Guest post
exchanges are just the beginning to being a good blogger netizen. Good luck out there and I am excited
to hear from you soon!