Connecting With Your Audience – Listen

One of the best ways of connecting with your audience is to really listen to them. Believe it or not they tell you exactly what they want and it’s up to you to pay attention. How does your audience tell you? A few ways, and to figure it out, ask yourself the following questions.

1. What content is your audience looking at?
Two factors go into this question. First, which content has the highest view rate? Second, which content is viewed the longest? Both of these together will give you the content that your audience loves. What do you do with content your audience loves?

2. How can I recreate what works? Over and over again?
Go over these articles, was it the topic? Was it the format? Was it timing? What factors could have gone into making this content so popular? Perhaps you shared an infographic or a video that caught the attention of your readers.

3. What content is your audience sharing?
With the ability to track social media it’s easy to see what is being shared. Sometimes this content will be different from that of your analytic content popularity. So keep in mind that what works for your audience may not necessarily be “the most shared” content.

However you go about it, make sure that you are listening to your audience and changing your work proactively. How do you listen to your audience?