Parenting Tips for Traveling with Young Kids

Family vacation is a great fun and it can be learning experience for kids and parents alike. But traveling with young kids can be trying and need extra preparation. Write down things before you pack so you won’t leave necessary things behind.  I share parenting tips for traveling with yound kids which worked out for me.

Involve preschooler and older kids in preparation. Give some guide to your kids on what to bring in their hand-carry bag so the bag won’t be overloaded but give them freedom to choose their favorite toys, games and objects. Must-have things in kid’s hand-carry bag are water bottle, wipes, tissue or a small towel, hand sanitizer and one extra t-shirt.

When you’re traveling for a long journey by car or by plane, let kids bring along their small pillow, favorite toys, games and CDs, finger food, coloring books and pencils.  You can also play car games such as I spy, Simon Says. Resealable food plastic bags come handy to keep remaining snack or finger food and I also bring extra plastic bag as a garbage bag.

If you are traveling by a car, make a pit stop after 1 or 1 ½ hour driving to allow kids to go to toilet or you can eat light meal or walk at the rest stop area to stretch your leg.

Do bring along necessary medication for kids and adults. Please check for necessary vaccination such as typhoid if you are traveling to another country where you doubt about unclean water supply.

Parenting tips for traveling with young kids may differ from one parent to another.  You can share your tips by leaving comment.