A Digital Bill Of Rights?

Surfing the web tonight I came across a blog post claiming it was a Digital Bill of Rights. I was a little shocked. I had never heard of such a thing, so of course, I had to click. What I found was something that Mashable and their digital community had come up with. A succinct 10 item list of rights that we, as users, have or should have on the internet.

Here are a few highlights from the “bill”.

1. Users shall have the right to access the internet.

I’m not entirely sure this is their call. Depending on circumstances, age and other factors that may or may not come into play. I just can’t seem to equate free speech to internet access,

2. The users shall have the right for his or her view of the Internet to be uncensored and unrestricted.

This is just absolutely insane. With no other explanation, this basically says anything goes. There is no mention of restriction based on city/state/federal laws or regulation. Nothing noting employer restriction of employee internet use during working hours.

3. The user shall have the right to use the internet without his or her activity and/or communications being monitored by any government or agency.

I understand where this is coming from. All the recent news about the government forcing large corporations like Apple, Inc. and Verizon to hand over their user data.

I commend Mashable for the attempt, however I think we are a long way from this holding any type of validity. What do you think? I’m very interested to hear your thoughts.